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Basic information about the company.

MOSAVTOHOLOD Company is the main supplier in the market of refrigerator cargo transportation in Moscow and the Moscow region.

All drivers have valid medical records, all vehicles undergo sanitary treatment.

MosAvtoHolod is a reliable partner of the capital transport services

Almost all large manufacturers and trading companies of Moscow and the Moscow region trust their goods to our company. The company is also the only provider of transportation services throughout the social sphere of the capital, which once again confirms the reliability of our company.

During 18 years of the company’s operation, we have seen the ups and downs of other transport companies. This was due to the constant dumping of pricing policies by such companies, which consequently led to an increase in the provision of transport services, tax shelters and, naturally, obtaining tax claims from the fiscal and law enforcement agencies to a transport company and which is more unpleasant to the customer of transport services. Customers wanted to reduce the cost of transport and used the services of such companies, and companies-performers received a large amount of work, but at the same time were silent about at the expense of what it happened, namely, about tax evasion. As a result, such companies left the market of transport services after receiving the first tax claims.

All customers who have worked with our company have never received any requirements from the fiscal authorities for the work of our company, since the company pays taxes in full.

I would like to clarify what our company’s tariffs for the trucking include:

Analyzing the trend of recent years, we can assume that soon the freight market will become a licensed activity, or to mandatory participation in SROs, which will lead to the final disappearance of the so-called “transport companies” from the market.

Regards, General Manager